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Weather Station

SolarMAN Weather Station is specifically designed for solar PV systems, providing comprehensive environmental monitoring solution for users with a variety of sensors, including solar radiation, environmental temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, and back-of-module temperature, etc. Weather Station is compatible with SolarMAN data loggers, and the collected data can be transmitted to SolarMAN Portal via Ethernet/WiFi/GPRS, so that users can easily get access to the environmental condition of PV systems anytime and anywhere.

With the help of accurate real-time data, durable products and powerful online portal, users can evaluate the efficiency of PV systems more conveniently and comprehensively.

  • Accurate real-time and historical data enables more comprehensive evaluation of system performance
  • Compatible with SolarMAN data acquisition devices with simple configuration, far reducing installation and maintenance costs
  • Visualized sensor data via SolarMAN Portal for easy understanding
  • Remote monitoring and management via online portal, immediate identification of defects and malfunctions
  • Standard sensors for general demands, and optional higher-accuracy sensors for more demanding projects
  • Open API enables live weather data to be perfectly embedded in personal or corporate websites
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