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As a professional manufacturer and service provider of PV monitoring products, SolarMAN has dedicated to providing the best, most sophisticated and cost-effective PV monitoring software and hardware products in the industry. Users are able to monitor their PV systems effectively in the long term via SolarMAN. Featured with simple and easy operation and powerful and comprehensive service platform, SolarMAN enables users to monitor PV systems anytime and anywhere, with minimized time and costs. SolarMAN can help to ensure the effective uptime of PV systems and to reduce O&M(operation & maintenance) costs, therefore maximizing yield and ROI(return on investment).

  • Can be connected to a variety of devices including inverters, modules, combiner boxes, controllers and sensors, etc., to satisfy various demands
  • A variety of communication modes available, including Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS and Zigbee
  • Simple installation and easy operation, plug & play
  • Powerful Cloud platform enables simple monitoring and management of hundreds of thousands of systems simultaneously
  • Easy access to portal by mobile devices such as tablet PC and smart phone
  • Open interface for secondary development by partners and users
More than monitoring

SolarMAN is not only a simple solution provider for PV monitoring, but also serves as a platform to connect end-users, installers/integrators and device manufacturers. SolarMAN aims to make an ecosystem for win-win cooperation, and to create value for various levels in the industrial chain, including end users, installers, distributors and device manufacturers, etc.

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