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In order to satisfy various demands of users, SolarMAN products can be connected with a variety of devices such as combiner box, sensor and electric meter, etc., enabling multilevel monitoring of PV systems.

With professional products and various accessories, SolarMAN can provide comprehensive and sophisticated solutions for PV monitoring.

Weather station
Illumination/irradiation sensor
Temperature/humidity sensor
Wind speed/direction sensor
WiFi communication available
Smart combiner box
Monitor voltage, current, power of each string
Standard RS485 interface
IP65 waterproof and dustproof housing
Reversal & lightning protection
Smart electricity meter
AC power utilization metering
Bi-directional metering available
Remote disconnection available
LCD display
Smart gateway
Transform local wireless protocal with TCP/IP protocol
Optional integrated data storage
Optioanl WiFi communication
Monitoring display
Color touchscreen, easy operation
Data collected via WiFi/Ethernet
Realtime display of system performance
LED screen
Large screen for realtime performance display
Display achievement of energy saving
Share green concepts
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