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Embedded WiFi/GPRS Kit

By collecting information from inverters such as status and performance, data collecting devices make the long-term monitoring of PV systems feasible and efficient. SolarMAN Embedded WiFi Kit is a monitoring module that can be easily embedded in inverters, without any additional external hardware. Real-time data can be collected from inverters accurately and transmitted to SolarMAN Portal server via WiFi. Through SolarMAN Portal, users can monitor PV systems anytime and anywhere via Internet.

The new generation of WiFi module enables operation under AP and STA mode simultaneously, which means that users can directly get access to the internal Web Server via WiFi, and at the same time the module can connect to remote portal via WiFi, enabling users to monitor PV systems anytime and anywhere via Internet.

SolarMAN embedded WiFi module can ensure the stable and efficient performance of PV systems, while minimizing the monitoring costs as well, therefore enabling users to achieve great increase in ROI with only a little investment.

  • Satisfied for industrial application and able to work under high temperature
  • Work under AP and STA mode simultaneously, enabling local monitoring and remote monitoring
  • Better internal Web Server enables users to check device and inverter status
  • Optimized configuration interface makes setting procedures easier and faster
  • Able to upgrade software of inverter via WiFi
  • Integrated in inverters with “Plug & Play” function, no additional external hardware
  • Compatible with most inverters on the market, customized for users
  • WiFi or GPRS communication according to users’ requirements
  • Remote monitoring via SolarMAN Portal
S-W02E Datasheet PDF 879KB
S-W02ES Datasheet PDF 884KB
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